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Stairway to Heaven with Gwilda Wiyaka: Number 53

Stairway to Heaven with Gwilda Wiyaka: A Failure to Communicate


As we transition from the Piscean age to the Aquarian marked by entering a highly charged portion of the galaxy, there are shifts in the ambient frequency impacting the planet. The Stairway to Heaven, created and hosted by Gwilda Wiyaka, is a series of TV Vignettes designed to bring updates and insights into the ever-changing, elevated frequency currents now bathing the planet and affecting us all. The source of vital information for the evolving human being.

TV Version

Episode 1 - Turning Up The Fire

The Stairway to Heaven, bringing insights into the ever-changing, high-frequency currents now bathing the planet and affecting us all. The source of vital information for the evolving human being. Turning Up the Fire. In this first episode, we’ll be looking at the cause of the increasing frequency on our planet and how it’s affecting us all.

Episode 2 - Ascension

We’re currently moving into a more highly charged area of the galaxy and the ambient frequency of our planet is rapidly rising. This gives us the dubious privilege of ascending the frequency scale while taking our physical bodies with us. “Ascension” covers the challenges of this process and what we can expect on the other side.

Episode 3 - The Evolving Brain

During these times of rising frequency, the human brain is actually changing. There is much reference to neuroplasticity. Some believe we are undergoing an evolution as monumental as our transition from a single to a double-lobed brain.  “The Evolving Brain” addresses the neurological changes we are undergoing as a result of the rapidly rising ambient frequency and what we can expect from the process.'

Episode 4 - The Great Divide

Historically, as we have left the higher frequency ages, there came a point when we could no longer connect with all levels of ourselves, each other, or all that is. We’re now entering Aquarius, a high-frequency age. In so doing, the process is reversed. Unity is supported and we are waking up to our interconnectedness.  “The Great Divide” outlines the process of waking up and what we can expect to experience as we do.

Episode 5 - The Evil Fomorians

It’s easy to idly wish and dream for things not recognizing our personal power engages at the quantum level to build an energetic matrix around which our wishes and dreams can start to manifest. Yet when we decide to give up on a project we never dissolve the old structure, leaving part of our personal power bound in an abandon matrix. In this episode of Stairway to heaven we will examine the conscious management of personal power and its relationship to manifestation.

Episode 6 - Embracing the Shadow

Unearthing the gifts and power hidden within our denied self. Only the laws of nature can accurately discern what is appropriate and when. As we align ourselves with these laws and follow our promptings without judgment, all of our acts can come from a balanced place. Nothing is consistently good or bad. When we judge something as always bad, we have greatly restricted our mobility and spontaneous expression. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will explore judgment, denial, our shadow, and the personal power locked therein.

Episode 7 - Sugar in the Gas Tank

Reducing physical resistance to the frequency in order to evolve. To embrace evolution, we’re challenged with clearing our system of restrictions in order to channel the higher frequencies. Refinement must take place on all four levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. During this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will touch on physical restrictions and some ways to minimize them.

Episode 8 - How Do You Really Feel?

Emotional Processing Is Paramount In Evolution - Life by its very nature is in constant motion and process. Shutting down any natural process has negative ramifications and limits our mobility and therefore our evolution. Having judged against emotions, we stuff them until we either flat line or become volatile. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven We will explore responsible ways to clear emotions without dumping them on others or internalizing them to our personal detriment.

Episode 9 - Sacred Ground

Earth Connection As A Benediction - The sun is now in a very high-frequency portion of the galaxy. This increase of frequency is broadcast through the sun’s heliosphere and bathing interplanetary space. It’s drawn into the earth’s core through her electromagnetic field and radiates to her surface.  Through ceremony and earth connection, we can embrace and embody the rising frequency. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will share some simple practices that can facilitate this progress.

Episode 10 - Grace: The Great Transformer

The Miracle of Gratitude - Gratitude brings grace. It is a great transformer. All the events of our lives are designed to visit all four directions of the medicine wheel: Sow, grow, harvest, and gratefulness. This is the key to processing and renewal. When we lack gratitude we never receive anything and always seek more.

Episode 11 - The Land of Spirit

There are four major levels of human existence. All express according to frequency: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Every culture, as far back as there are records, has a reference to the invisible, yet powerful realm, known as the land of spirit. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will discuss the nature of the land of spirit and its impertinence in our evolutionary process.

Episode 12 - The Identity Trap – Who Are You – Really

The Freedom to Express the Truth of Your Nature - Modern culture is so identified with one’s occupation and station in life, a true expression of the individual is often lost. Now with everything changing so rapidly, these very identities become a trap, restricting our mobility, worldview, and ability to adapt to change. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will explore ways to relinquish identity in order to live from our true essence.

Episode 13 - The Magic of Archetypes

The Art of Frequency Mastery - While in modern times, archetypes are seen as deities or false gods, worshiped by primitive, superstitious people, they were originally metaphorical representations of particular bandwidths of frequency. Through the use of archetypes, frequency mastery was obtained, enabling the practitioner to manage matter at the quantum level. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will unravel the mystery of archetypes and their modern-day application.

Episode 14 - Unearthing Intuition

One of the major challenges of intense transformation and evolution is the resulting unpredictability. In order to safely navigate this landscape of unprecedented and rapid change, we will need to engage an old aspect of our human nature – intuition. However, not only must we access and decipher the information provided by our intuitive senses, but we also must clear the debris that makes our intuition unreliable. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will explore how to clear the way to authentic intuition.

Episode 15 - Rivers of Light: The Unified Field

The human body has an electromagnetic field that interacts with the radiance of the sun and that of the earth. The light or frequency we take in, combined with that which we generate, is also radiated outwards into our environment. What we radiate interfaces with the electromagnetic fields of all things, including the earth, and through her field – the sun, and from the sun to the galaxy. In this episode, we will explore our sacred responsibility as active participants in the unified field.

Episode 16 - Beware the Stories You Tell

Stories may appear to be record-keeping or simple entertainment, but there are many hidden energetic aspects of stories and storytelling that have a profound effect on our reality and our world. Frequency creates reality. Each story holds a unique frequency that creates or re-creates a reality, manifesting the very stories we embrace. In this episode of The Stairway to heaven we will look at the hidden power of stories and how they can be used to recreate our lives.

Episode 17 - Ever-Evolving Truth

Solar emissions are traveling more quickly, increasing the energy or frequency of the planets as their electromagnetic fields interact with that of the sun. One of the many things this increase of light impacts on Earth is the concept of truth. While historically we thought something to be either true or false, we are now finding is that there is no ultimate truth. Rather, based upon the amount of light present by which to see or perceive, truth either evolves or devolves. In this episode of The Stairway to heaven we will explore the concept of evolving truth and how to access it.

Episode 18 - Hype and Hysteria: Controlling Through Fear

In times past, when there was less frequency present to support us, we believed we had to steal energy or frequency in order to survive. One common way of appropriating frequency is to gain power by disempowering and controlling others. For generations, a tried and true method used to control the masses in fear. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will uncover the hidden ways we are controlled by fear and how to counteract them.

Episode 19 - Frequency, Immunity, and Resilience

We can be sustained by cooperating with our environment, rather than destroying it. The increasing ambient frequency provides a unique opportunity to rise above our limitations, increase our immunity, and develop greater resilience. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will discover how we can take advantage of the increased energy by removing resistance.

Episode 20 - The Blessing Way: Transmuting Frequency

While the available frequency is indeed becoming more expansive, we need to attune ourselves to it if we are to benefit from it. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will explore simple techniques to attune ourselves and our environments to the beneficial higher frequencies now available.

Episode 21 - Let's Talk Freedom

Currently, one of the most misunderstood human concepts is that of freedom. Before we can understand freedom, we must first come to understand what truly binds us. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will define true freedom, expose the things that compromise it and offer tools to reunite with our natural freedom and sovereignty.

Episode 22 - Empowered by Earth Connection

Our health, well being, personal power, wisdom, and relationship to all that is, is dependent upon a solid earth alignment. Yet, modern humans have become increasingly disconnected. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will discover how to reconnect with the Earth, and through her, the power of the universe.

Episode 23 - The Heart as Gateway to the Soul

When we are coming from the mind, we are limited to the personal knowledge we have obtained. When we are in the heart, we can access an endless stream of love coming from the cosmos. Love is light. Light is information and sustenance. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will address the heart as gateway to the unified field wherein lies an endless supply of knowledge and love.

Episode 24 - Animal Communication and the Unified Field

Animals have an amazing innate ability to communicate non-verbally, collaborate and cooperate with each other within species, as well as species to species. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will explore the mechanics of how they communicate and what it may mean for the same hidden potential in humans.

Episode 25 - Rites of Passage

Rites of passage are often considered a natural progression as we age. Yet, if they are not recognized and honored, we may not pass completely through them, remaining stuck in old expressions. This prevents us from truly embracing the next role, greatly limiting our potential. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will explore the power of rite of passage ceremonies and how to perform them.

Episode 26 - Dark Night of the Soul, Initiation, and Evolution of Consciousness

Initiations and dark nights of the soul are natural cycles found in all aspects of nature. Unfortunately, our culture has few guidelines for understanding or gracefully participating in either. Yet it is through initiation and the resulting dark night that evolution occurs. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will address navigating the dark night to find the new dawn.

Episode 27 - When Realities Shatter

A challenging aspect of evolution is that before we can enter a new reality, the old one must shatter. We are now in this process as the rising ambient frequencies put increasing pressure on old frequency constructs. In this Stairway to Heaven episode, we will explain this shattering and how to use it to our advantage

Episode 28 - The Evolution of Relationship

Many human constructs and structures are undergoing major reorganization as old realities give way to the new ambient frequency of our time. Relationships are no exception. In this Stairway to Heaven, we will address the many factors impacting personal and interpersonal relationships and how to discern appropriate proximity in the new world emerging.

Episode 29 - Alchemy and Manifestation

Manifestation is our birthright. Yet we have forgotten how to flow with the way life works. We have forgotten who we are and what we can do. This leaves us victims of a system that no longer serves, but exploits. Come engage the energetic landscape of Creator’s palette and canvas. Come dance in the void of co-creation, where what you most desire is yours for the making.

Episode 30 - The Hidden Power That Drives Our Lives: Intention and Bottom Line

During these times of expansive ambient light or frequency, the ability to consciously co-create and manifest is becoming increasingly available to us. In this episode, we will introduce some viable tools and concepts that further our ability to create the lives we wish to live.

Episode 31 - Anatomy of the Soul

Although the body anchors the soul, the soul is not trapped in the body. Through the chakra system and electromagnetic or auric field, our soul interfaces with the quantum level of life, manifesting our reality. In this Stairway to Heaven episode, we will examine the chakra system and its amazing role in manifestation.

Episode 32 - Signs, Omens, Synchronicities and Divination

There is an ancient art form used to foretell future trends and events. It has been used across ages and cultures to navigate life so we end up where we need to be, doing what we need to do, in order to manifest our intentions. In this Stairway to Heaven episode, we will demystify divination and offer methods to read and cooperate with the currents of life.

Episode 33 - Sacred Space: Empowered by the Flow of Life

In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, Gwilda introduces the altar, a tool used by most cultures to align with the flow of life. She will demonstrate building and activating a personal altar to bring earth connection and sacred space into any environment.

Episode 34 - The Art of Ceremony

This episode of Stairway to Heaven explores the hidden power of ceremonies – their ability to manage matter at the quantum level. We will address their historical purpose and cover the basic ceremonial principles enabling you to construct living ceremonies to empower your life today.

Episode 35 - Channeling: What Is It Really?

We have all heard people speak of channeled works. Having been around since biblical times, they are nothing new. But are they reliable? Where does the information really come from? In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, Gwilda will address these questions and many more as she demystifies the ancient art of channeling.

Number 36 - Perception: Castles of Sand

In times past, we were victims of our limited perceptions. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will uncover the expansive perceptions and co-creative skills to be found in unity consciousness and the unified field.

Number 37: The Key to True Mastery

The key to mastery in all things is the development of solid subroutines. “a subroutine” is a stepwise series of actions, when combined form a unified, and seamless, routine. All rituals and complex skills are created by building sub-routines. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will explore this valuable and necessary skill.

Number 38 - Catastrophizing:  Creating Our Own Worst Nightmares

We all have unrecognized superpowers and are much more influential than we think. In the process of thinking up the worst possibilities to prepare ourselves, we are actually creating our own worst nightmares. In this episode of Stairway to heaven we will formulate ways to transmute catastrophizing into conscious manifestation.

Number 39 - If “Everything is Energy,” What Happens When It Changes?

In this episode, we will revisit and expand our understanding of the rapidly changing frequency currents impacting everything on the planet, where they may be coming from and their far-reaching implications in human affairs.

Number 40 - Ultimate Freedom: Natural Gateways into the Unified Field

One of the many advantages of being alive during a time of increasing ambient frequency is the enhanced opportunity to connect with the unified field. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will explore the concept of the unified field and ways to gain access to it.

Number 41 - Higher Self: A Deeper Look

The concept of a higher self is nothing new, but what is a higher self and how do we speak to it? In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will uncover hidden mysteries of the higher self and explore the gifts and limitations of communicating with it.

Number 42 - Dark Children: Hidden Personas Sabotaging Our Lives

Dark children are hidden coping mechanisms that compromise our frequency. While created to protect us, if they are not recognized and dealt with, they eventually sabotage our lives. In this Stairway to Heaven episode, we will discover dark children and ways to assimilate them.

Number 43 - Between Worlds: Shifting Perceptions

As frequency shifts, so does perceived reality. When living in times of rapid frequency modulations, we are confronted with watching our world unravel while all our beliefs are challenged. In this episode of Stairway to Heaven we explore the nature of shifting reality and tools to cope with the resulting shattering changes.


Number 44 - Not For Love Nor Money

There is a natural push-pull in life that marketing and seduction have appropriated. When one stands in the truth of who they are, they will naturally draw compatibility and synergy based on their true expression, desires, and intention. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will discover how to return to our authentic selves and rejoin the circle of life.

Number 45 - Empathy, Resonance, and the Unified Field

Many are expressing concern about the intense upheaval we are all experiencing. The collective distress is bleeding over into the unified field and therefore impacting us all. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will uncover the hidden role of resonance and empathy and how to mitigate it.

Number 46 - The Power of the Integrated Brain

We have been functioning at the decreased ambient frequency for generations, resulting in much of our brain’s potential becoming dormant. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will discover hidden compartments of the brain, how they relate to the unified field, and how to reclaim them.

Number 47 - What is Shamanism and How Can it Help Us Now?

Shaman are frequency masters. The shamanic form accesses the quantum level and can be used to gather information or alter frequency, correct imbalance in person, place, or thing, and change outcome before it manifests physically. In this episode, we will explore how this ancient form can help us navigate our rapidly changing world.

Number 48 - Memories - Gateways to Healing the Past

What are memories? In this Episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will examine memories as anchor points to valuable parts of ourselves that we have left behind, but can indeed recover, and how to accomplish this in the present.

Number 49 - Self-Discovery and Personal Power

Today, adaptability and mobility are paramount to thrive. When some of our natural expression has been judged against and cast aside, we are neither flexible nor adaptable. In this episode, we will explore self-discovery as a path to manifestation and personal empowerment.

Number 50 - When War Breaks Your Heart

As the earth’s frequency continues to rise, many are waking up to atrocities that, heretofore, have been commonly accepted. In this episode, we will uncover the hidden exploitation of our personal power to propagate an abusive system, and how to move beyond it.

Number 51 - Timeline Jumps and Manifestation

It's our nature to create, yet it can be difficult to manifest our desires. In this episode, we will examine the principles behind manifestation, alternate timelines, and how to consciously manage them to reach our goals.

Number 52 - A Failure to Communicate

Increasingly, during the intensity and volatility of our times, communication is becoming a major issue.  In this episode, we will explore why, and ways to mitigate misunderstanding.

Number 53 - Name Ghosts, Hauntings, and the Family Field

As we have gotten away from cultural ceremonies and rituals, we have become mostly unconscious of the energetic manifestation of family. Yet these energy fields are more important than we know. In this episode we will address these fields and how to consciously maintain them.